Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I haven't written awhile, I know but I have so many new things to write about.

Recently I went to Filomena, an Italian restaurant in DC's Georgetown area. I had been there twice before-once for my birthday during lunch where I opted for the $10.00 lunch buffet which was tasty but not fabulous or noteworthy.

Then I went with Justin for DC restaurant week and everything was GREAT. This was quite a few years ago but I believe we got the stuffed mushrooms, chickens tuffed with cheese and breadcrumbs and covered in a cheese sauce and then some pasta shells and lasagna. Then we had the triple chocolate mousse cake-which was a bit too chocolatey for my tastes.

You see, the real attraction of Filomena is the 'housemade' aspect. From the upper window you can see them rolling out their own pasta and they have their own bakery (mmm the best part!!!)

This time, when we went out (Justin and I) we met up with two of our friends. We got the fried rice balls as an appetizer-an italian dish I have been dying to try. It consists of these balls that are stuffed with meat, cheese, bread crumbs and tomato sauce and surrounded with rice and fried. DELICIOUS. We has to play rock paper scizzors over who would get to split the 5th rice ball.

Between the four of us we split three main dishes. The two pasta dishes were so big we could have split that between the four of us and been fine. We got gnocchi with a bolognese sauce-the sauce was to die for (just like I and when I was italy) but the gnocchi (potato dumpling like pasta) were a bit too heavy for me-it is very hard to find perfect gnocchi. There were two kinds of stuffed chicken and we got the one that was had the ham in it. The chicken was a bit overcooked but the sauce wasn't too bad and pretty good overall but not great. The penne with sausage wa sour other dish and was very...italian. The fresh, warm bread was a nice side to it all and I was so full by the end of the meal I wouldn't have had dessert if it wasn't soooo good there.

Ah dessert. The best part. The hazelnut genoise went away with the prise with its layers of chocolate mousse, hazelnut mousse, and a delicious biscuit/cake like hazelnutty layer. I could eat it all day mmm. The chocolate raspberry cake was also delish and I would get both again next time I go.

We picked up a piece of strawberry shortcake for my mom on the way home but since it kinda melted I cant really give an honest opinion on it.

If I were ever to go back I would have to get the rice balls, some lasagna (the bolognese sauce was so good-it must be amazing) and some hazelnut genoise cake. So good. Not too expensive either. I believe it was like 25 a person at the end of the meal?

I must say, if I was somehow interviewed for the Metrocurean one of the 'five bites' I would chose would include Filomenas risotto balls.