Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On a positive note with some icing on top

Following up on my last blog post I would like to recommend some quality Indian restaurants that are well worth the money and the trip.

1. Rasika-by far the most creative Indian restaurant I have ever been to. Order the fried spinach leaves as an appetizer-they are heavenly and will melt in your mouth. Located in DC and and moderately priced.

2. Tiffins-located in college park this very traditional Indian restaurant has quality dishes and you are bound to love anything you order. I recommend the chicken tikka masala (the best I have ever had) and any dish with a coconut based sauce.

3. Uudapi Palace-a vegetarian Indian restaurant, also in college park and owned by the same people. I love the comfortable ambiance and the care they put into their dishes.

I never did write about this in my last entry but Justin and I visited Cake Love after our Indian dinner in Silver Spring. I absolutely adore cupcake shops. Cake is amazing. Heck, I am listening to a book on tape about cake (called eat cake by Jeanne Ray) right now. I feel like I have been on a never ending quest in life for a good cupcake-a thing almost possible to find. Cake love seemed a bit too pretentious for me-their high prices, only moderately creative flavors and stuffy warnings about being SURE to serve their quality cupcakes at room temperature. The first words that came out of Justins mouth after swallowing a ginormous cupcake bite was 'its too dry'. And it was true. I feel like some people think that if they make their cupcakes moist they will be taken for muffins; but no I want a moist cupcake. I want some deliciously moist cupcakes that will make me sigh with contentment and not leaving me yearning for something better. Unfortunately, Cake Love did not satisfy my cupcake desires and I will have to continue my quest. Stay tuned.

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