Sunday, September 6, 2009

Potomac Pizza

If you want some advice about Potomac Pizza I have two words for you-DON'T GO! When I was younger I remember going there with a friend and thinking the pizza tasted ok but then gettign really sick after eating them. Since this happened a few times I ended my visits altogether until I decided to give it another shot tonight. Justin kept onn talking about how much he wanted to go and since all the other restaurants we had considered in the area were closed on a Sunday night we ended up at Potomac pizza wielding a $5 coupon and an appetite.

We were surrounded by a bunch of screaming crying out of control kids. Wow. Justin started to shrink in his seat and look around nervously, I might have actually detected some sweat if the place hadn't been freezing cold.

It took awhile to get the pizza and when it come out we noticed all the topppings we had asked for weren't there and we had to send it back. I got a side of tomato sauce to supplement my pizza, as i always to, and found it tasted like prego....The worst part of the meal, however, was the crust. I didn't know it was possible to create a tasteless crust, a crust that had no substance a crust that was compeltely and utterly boring. Wow. The cheese was similarly tasteless with a cheap stringy texture that did not please the senses.

We spent 25$ including tax and tip on a large pizza with a few toppings, drink and a $5 coupon. This was not a deal. This was paying too much for a pizza I would have passed up in favor of a domino's $5 medium or papa johns or even pizza hut pies. Sigh.

Just DON'T GO to Potomac Pizza.

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