Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Food TV

You know, I am amazed at how different cable tv vs public television tv is in terms of food shows. Honestly, I think that WETA CREATE on public television has a lot more quality food related shows than anything I have seen on the Food network. I didn't even know about most of the chefs that have shows on WETA until I watched Top Chef Masters on BRAVO. Once I 'lost' cable due to a move and got public tv I was like omg theres Eric Ripert, Todd English, Rick Bayless.

I particularly like the Americas Test Kitchen show but I don't like how they won't let people go on their website and look up the recipes that were on the show-they make you pay for it if you do!

Sigh. I really want to go to these chefs restaurants...maybe someday. Especially Rick Bayless <3 He is my hero with his love of good food and helping farmers. Oh Rick, if only you were younger and we both were single. Then you could cook for me every day.

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