Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cant stop thinking about BBQ Chicken!

I know I know. Weird right? I can't stop thinking about BBQ chicken. But really, this isn't just your every day BBQ chicken-its the BBQ chicken skewers served with pide with a very spicy barbecue sauce harissa that is served at Bazaar a Mediterranean restuarant located in an old (retired) church/synagogue. The only problem? Its in Amsterdam!

Sigh. However shall I fulfill my BBQ chicken kebab cravings without flying to Amsterdam and gorging on this wonderful creating. I am really considering sending this restaurant an e-mail and begging for the recipe!

Oooh man. I believe it was our last night in Amsterdam when we went looking for Bazaar-a restaurant listed in the "Lets Go Amsterdam Guide"-the only travel guide I have ever found reliable when it comes to finding good, well priced, local food for wherever you travel (written and updated by college students who know their stuff-and most particularly their food and transportation costs since I don't really use the book for any other purpose).

It was really late by the time we got to the restaurant, everything on every other street seemed either closed or empty (unlike the rest of Europe, Amsterdamers actually eat at a decent time). When we stepped into Bazaar we knew it was the right place and the place to BE. Both floors in this high ceiling former place of worship were packed with the young and the hungry. Music was blasting, the lighting was fantastically right for a hip late night hang out and the place smelled divine.

That BBQ kebab sandwich had some of the best chicken I have ever had. Admittedly though, I did have to request some tzitziki (you know me and my sauce) which brought the sandwich to perfection.

What? You think I should have been eating dutch food because I was in Dutch-land? Pfft. Not even the Dutch eat dutch food. Finding a dutch restaurant in Amsterdam is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Amsterdam was THE most diverse city I have ever been to when it comes to people/food/restaurants. Everyone pretty much speaks English because it seems like most of the people living in Dutch-land aren't Dutch!

Pictures coming soon-once my lazy ass boyfriend decides to load them. :P Perhaps more on Amsterdam later neh?

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