Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mediterranean P.S.

p.s. why don't we have more amazing Mediterranean food in the D.C. Area? I really liked Pasha Lounge in Gaithersburg with its great Chicken Bastilla (so sweet yet savory with its layers of phyllo dough nuts and meat it melts in your mouth) and its scrumptious chicken with saffron sauce but it is missing variety and the 'something more' that Bazaar has (particularly atmosphere and being more true to its roots and to itself).

Zaytina-well you have heard my thoughts on that 'meh' rip-off of a place.

Cava-wonderfully creative and inventive but in need of more space and whats with the now jacked up prices and portions that have been cut in half so that there is no mezze just amuse bouche.

Vasilis Grill-tasty but boring.

Give me something more DC!

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