Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Stuff Eatery

Mmmm. Talk about tasty. It seems like I have not had a 'real' burger in some time but-thankfully-tonight I finally did! Now, some of you are probably wondering what a 'fake' burger is. A fake burger is a variation of one of those disgusting mass produced thoroughly processed to within of its like frozen patties that merely taste like artery clogging cardboard. A real burger, however, is full of flavor, is juicy and has more texture and taste.

There really isn't much seating (or ambiance) at Good Stuff Eatery but luckily some friends had saved us some seats when we arrived. We ordered our food at the counter-I got the Good Stuff Melt (melted cheddar and muenster, caramelized onions and mushrooms with good stuff sauce) and spikes village fries (topped with fresh thyme, rosemary and cracked pepper) where they have us a buzzer to signal us to come up to the counter and retrieve our food.

Weirdly enough I had ordered the same thing as my friend just a minute or two after her but they buzzed me at least 10 minutes before her. Later, when I ordered a milk shake and she ordered 5-10 minutes after me she got buzzed way ahead of me!

As for my food the burger patty itself was cooked just right (well cooked but still pink enough in the middle that the essential flavors were retained) and was one of those thick juicy burgers which are in a whole different league from the flimsy fast food ones most of you are used to. I didn't really taste the sauce or the cheese and though I did taste the onions and mushrooms I felt like the mushrooms could have had more flavor ( perhaps they weren't fresh?).

Anyone knows I love spices and heck knows I love them on french fries (a commodity that is not, in my opinion, spiced nearly often enough and are usually left sadly plain and tasteless) so I did not pass up the chance to pass up Spikes village fries. You must know that whenever I make potatoes I cover them in rosemary, salt, garlic, thyme, oregano and black pepper-sounds pretty similar to Spikes fries, no? This all means that I was quite inclined to like these mouth-wateringly described fries but I just couldn't bring myself to appreciate them. Not only were they small and a bit soggy but the rosemary and thyme were three times too strong-these fries were covered in green spices and were overpowering all of the condiments I was eagerly dipping them into.

Ah the condiments. I did appreciate the condiments. In Belgium and the Netherlands people love to dip their fries in mayonnaise-mayonnaise is their ketchup. Spike must know about this European love match of mayo and fry and so he provides his customers with various forms of mayo-chipotle mayo, saracha mayo, mango mayo, and old bay mayo. These all seemed quite tasty but again, the fried were over powering their flavors.

I did not finish my french fries-but my boyfriend did. He really seemed to like them and so did my friend Karen so maybe it is just me, maybe I just think they are too spiced-your just going to have to go and try them yourself. I would most certainly be happy to go back myself and try another one their burgers-they have a lot of different flavors and I am definitely one to appreciate a good burger.

Before I left I got a toasted marshmellow milkshake. A few other people at the table had gotten the same flavor and urged me to get it too. I thought it was really tasty, not too sweet but very thick and very heavy-a kid size shake is recommended even if you are sharing. Karen got the milkyway milkshake which was just as tasty as the toasted marhsmellow and more chocolatey,

Good times all around at God Stuff Eatery.

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