Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheese and Charcuterie

Want a good deal and a good date in DC? Though I can't guarantee great company I can recommend a night out at Proof. Now, I am not a wine fan/drinker but if I were I would definitely come here for some prime wine sipping time. When I was there-on a Friday night around 5:30 the young and wine-friendly of DC were getting their alcohol buzz at the cool bar by the front and sharing Proofs tasty and filling appetizers.

What is so great about these appetizers you ask? Two words: Cheese and charcuterie.

Some people might not know what is charcuterie-Wikipedia pretty much sums it up as cooked meats. Justin and I got the artisinal salumi (after asking the waiter to explain what all the different charcuterie options actually WERE-which he most happily did)which was an assortment of these tiny salami slices hand made by the chef. We got sooooo many pieces for $8 is was crazy. The slices came with these little pieces of bread, a spicy mustard and mini pickles. One kind of the salami was spicy, another one way garlicky and the other was pretty normal.

Then there was the cheese.

Despite being a lactose intolerant person I harbor a great and vast love for cheese. If you do chose to go to the bathroom at Proof you will walk by their tasty selection of cheeses and let your mouth water in anticipation. For $13.00 you can chose any three of Proof's cheeses and for $25 any six. We went with three of the numerous choices and were pleasantly surprised when our cheese arrived with these miniature slices of raisin bread, delicious honey, and a vanilla apple butter.

The cheese, charcuterie and the complimentary pita like chips/bread pieces that were served with a scrumptious tzitziki (greek cucumber yogurt sauce) filled us up to the brim and we could have walked out after paying the bill then and there but I really wanted to try one of Proofs main dishes because the table across from us had all gotten their own main dish and seemed to be really enjoying them. I talked Justin into ordering the honey glazed peking duck which was with a roasted jewel yam purée, pomegranate vinaigrette and grilled scallions. The dish was very tasty but pretty steep for $27.00.

On a side note we did get the mushroom tempura appetizer as well, I just did not mention it before because it was hardly worth mentioning. Justin liked it but there was a serious need for some extra salt and some extra flavor.

If you want a nice night out with the guy but don't want to spend a lot of moolaa I say go to Proof and stick with the cheese and charcuterie.

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