Sunday, October 10, 2010

BBQ Showdown

Yes! Maryland BBQ showdown on my taste buds. It doesn't get more hardcore than that. Justin and I love finding privately owned BBQ shacks on the side of the road, something that seems to be sadly difficult now a days in the North (if you want to reeeallly call MD North, I would call it in the MIDDLE but I don't think there is a real word for that Sorth???)

Anyways about a month ago I came across a BBQ place right down the street from our apartment-Urban BBQ. I was starving for lunch and ready for anything and to my surprise there it was, this awesome place on New Hampshire avenue, conveniently located right by the White Oak exit on 495. Today we saw a BBQ place on our way to bike riding at the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge in Laurel called B & B Southern BBQ so we stopped by after our ride. Lets see how they stand against each other:

BBQ Beef Brisket: In this category both restaurants receive a big fat FAIL. Both had thin dry slices of brisket. The Laurel location had a pit beef sandwich whose only reedeming quality was the fact that it was served with coleslaw on top and was drowned in BBQ sauce (mmmmm BBQ sauce). The beef at Urban was lean dry and tasteless. I KNOW good BBQ beef brisket people (I have been to Wileys in Savannah Georgia-trust me) and this was not it.

Side dishes: Urban BBQ flat on its face in this category. Not only did they give me collard greens instead of the sweet potato casserole the first time I went there (gross) but they also gave me something called ranch style baked beans. I am an avid baked bean fan and these were NOT baked beans they were really chili in disguise. If you like chili go for it but if you want real baked beans than hold on to your money. The mac and cheese was pathetic and was more buttered noodles than cheesy. I also have never encountered a more boring sweet potato casserole. It was not sweet,no topping/crunchies abd had practically no cinnamon/spice and was just plain blah. My advice-don't go for these pricey products. On the other hand, the Laurel BBQ place rocked the sides department. They had the perfect mac n cheese and the perfect baked beans. My goodness that mac n cheese was chhheeessyyy and those baked beans were sweet, syrupy with a little bite of vinegar. These are just two of the many sides offered there and they come with your main dish (for free-woot woot).

Ribs and Sauce: The ribs at B & B were def cooked for a long time, coming out tender and sweet. The only downside was that the one I got was kind of fatty but hey the flavor was THERE. Along with the ribs came an amazing bbq sauce and tasting it absolutely enlightened me as to why they sell the sauce and don't just give it away. Damn its good. The Urban BBQ ribs were similarly tender and were the highlight of my meal. What I liked best about the ribs was their smokey flavor and how meaty they were (very little gross fat). The sauces at Urban were nothing to brag about but were sufficiently barbecuey.

Dessert: Well dessert at Urban BBQ has yet to be determined but lets hope they don't follow in the path of their side dishes.However, I decided to go all out at B and B Southern BBQ and OMG they have the BEST sweet potato pie ever. The crust is like a cross between a graham cracker crust and a traditional apple pie crust. The filling is perfectly spiced and the thing was just downright tasty. Man, for only 3.50 this little pie gave me four perfectly good slices and I am so going back for more.

Now who won this BBQ battle?! Since there are no office Top chef/Iron chef judges to call the shots I guess I'm just gonna have to leave this one up to you (I just can't pick-so don't make me!). In the meantime I will continue my quest to find the best BBQ in the DC metro area. ITS ON!

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