Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Blue Duck Tavern

So some of my drafts weren't saved so I am just going to give you a brief over view of some places I have been lately:

The Blue Duck Tavern: I went here for my birthday with Justin. The appetizer was this salad with peaches and some kind of terrine. The peaches were the only part that I really liked. As for the main dishes-we got duck and a braised beef dish. The duck-supposedly their signature dish-was dry and not at all flavorful. I have had some good duck in my time and the Blue Duck Taverns duck was not even comparable.

The beef, however, was quite tender and came with a nice sauce. The two main dished were pathetically small and expensive which is amazing considering our two side dishes were a fraction of the price and were so large we had to bring home leftovers.

I looovveed the lasagna side dish we got. It was unique in that it was WRAPPED in phyllo dough (I have never seen this before with lasagna) and contained delectable chanterrelle mushrooms with a to die for pink sauce.

Then there were the french fries. I think I dream about these french fries sometimes. They were these thick hand cut slices of potato that were still sizzling with the duck fat they had been fried in when they arrived at our table. Justin adored the flavored mayo dipping sauce they came with (a very European touch) but they tasted good by themselves and I enjoyed biting into their crispy skins.

We both looked over the dessert menu surprisingly there wasn't anything I HAD to have. I had heard about their homemade ice cream of course but it was ridiculously priced and I would have liked it better if there had been some kind of note saying you could add the ice-cream a la mode to one of the other desserts for a cheaper price so I didn't JUST have to have ice cream. It was my bday though and I was going to get a dessert no matter what so I ordered a fruit sounding dish. Oh man, good decision. There was this delectable coconut cream yogurt topped with huge slices of gods most perfect and fresh pineapple, complemented nicely by beautifully caramelized banana slices and a heavenly cashew crumble topping off the whole confection. Soooooo good.

So yes, I would go back to the blue duck tavern. I am just wondering if I can skip the appetizer and main dishes and just go directly for the sides and desserts. Yum.

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