Monday, June 20, 2011

Present Restaurant in Falls Church VA

I am stuck at work late at night so I figure I might as well post about one of the many delicious places I have eaten at recently.

Present is a restaurant in VA I have been wanting to go to for a long time. I never really am in the VA area but last weekend there was this big costume give away in VA from a theater that was moving locations which was more than enough incentive to get my butt over there.

Present has been mentioned briefly in several other food blogs I have come across and I wanted to see what the hype was all about so of course I picked this place out of the many other VA restaurants in the area to go to.

Other than maybe two other tables the place was deserted on a Sunday at noon. The decor was nice and soothing-I can always appreciate some well placed orchids and the sound of running water from a fancy fountain.

The server recommended that we get number Cow on the Open field (cubes of beef)-which we didn't get but will def try next time and the Mosaic pathway. The menu is very much seafood based and I am the kind of person who only eats seafood when its really fresh and I only eat shrimp when it is literally right out of the water (otherwise it tastes too fishy for me). We were daring though and got the Green paradise spring rolls, the Mosaic pathway and then due to mine and Justin's love for a well cooked duck we got the duck soup.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the food. I actually LIKED the Green Paradise spring rolls and the shrimp was so fresh I couldn't even detect a hint of fishiness. We did try eating them with our chopsticks but the server came by and told us that they were finger food while he laughed at my sad/ungainly use of the wooden utensils. The noodles (which were the mosaic pathway) were very filling and I could have used more of the delectable real lump crab meat that was in it and perhaps a little more flavor but was generally just okay. The duck though was great. The broth was sweet and cinnamony and there were fresh vegetables swimming throughout the bowl (except for the mushrooms which were definitely dried). The duck itself was succulent and immaculately cooked. I could not have asked for a better piece of duck.

The highlight of the meal had to be the dessert though. I always must order any form of fried banana when I see it on a menu so of course, despite being stuffed, I had to get the banana fritters with coconut cream. What a good decision. These had to be the best fried bananas I have ever had in my life. They were just the right ripeness and the perfect amount of breading. The crispiness and the taste was complemented beautifully by the smooth subtle coconut milk sauce that was draped over them. Ahhhh heavenly.

I must go back to Present-if not to try more of their fresh seafood selection than just for the fried bananas alone.

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