Monday, August 15, 2011

Adams Ribs in Salisbury MD

So I really wanted to go to Specific Gravity Pizza but Justin refused to go because we have already been there twice (both times he has come to visit) and we really like to try new places and it seemed kind of wrong to go back when there are other restaurants to try sooo we ended up at Adams Ribs.

From my previous posts you know what a bbq snob I am so of course Adams had some high standards to live up to. Honestly though, I didn't go to Adams with high expectations because looking at their menu on-line I could tell that they aren't a true bbq place. Real bbq places are holes in the wall that just do bbq and some side dishes they don't have a long list of appetizers, burgers and crab chicken dishes on the menu.

Now remember I wanted to go to specific gravity which meant I was in the mood for some excellent wings so I convinced Justin to get the wing thing-a wing sampler plate with 4 types of wings and 16 wings in all. Big mistake. Not only could you tell these wings had been reheated and not freshly made because of their inferior breading but the sauces and spices were all wrong. Now remember Adams is supposed to be a bbq place right-well that usually means that the restaurant uses actual bbq sauce. WRONG. Their bbq wings had a really strange tasting sauce-something that tasted like...plum sauce? Or something gone bad? The cajun wings had practically no flavor and just accentuated the awfulness of the breading due to the lack of sauce. The Jack Daniels wings were even worse-they tasted like they were coated with strange grape juice.

I am a major lover of some good bbq beef brisket so of course I had to get me some. The brisket came out-a heaping pile of tender meat on white bun with some crispy hot french fried and a little cup of perfectly seasoned and sweetened cole slaw. Unfortunately it tasted like shit (I apologize for my profane language but the meat literally tasted like shit). Sure the sides were ok but the brisket...sigh. Anyways we were really fortunate to have a great server and he brought us out a pulled pork sandwich to replace it and the pulled pork was edible but tasted a little like something you would buy at the grocery store.

Then there was the ribs. Hey, they are called Adams ribs so you gotta expect some good ribs and heck they delivered. The smokiness, tenderness and meatiness were all there. The side of baked beans was normal and the sweet rolls and corn bread were a nice supplement to the meal.

In the end I would just say go to Adams ribs for the ribs but don't go for anything else.

Sweet bbqing!


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