Monday, September 12, 2011

Places To Stop To Eat On The Way to Ocean City / Salisbury / The Eastern Shore: Bay Country Bakery

I have made so many trips back and forth between Salisbury and the Gaithersburg/College Park area that I figure I should be an expert on places to stop and eat along fifty. However, I have been a horrible foodie and have used Panera as my go to place for stopping for lunch or dinner during these trips. Well no more I say! There are quite a few places I have been eyeing and darn it I will stop and eat there so that everyone can stop at non-chain stores for some quality pre/post beach food. This past weekend I stopped at Bay Country Bakeryand got an assortment of goodies. I had to get a cupcake due to my undyling love of cupcakey goodness (plus I needed to know if it was worth a separate trip to the newly opened cupcake place just down the road from the bakery), I got one of their coffee cake rings (I got the cheese one but they also had blueberry, cherry and apple), and an assortment of donuts. The coffee cake ring was $7.50 and it looked totally worth it. Unfortunately the bread part was a little dry/old but the sweet cheese filling and brownsugar chunks were a nice touch. I don't think I will be getting it again but if anyone wants to wow someone with a edible gift I think this would do nicely just because it looks so impressive. The cupcake was terribly dry and the icing was unimpressive. I thought it might have been a pumpkin cupcake but the woman told me it was vanilla (the darkness was a sign of the dryness to come I am sure). But the donuts...If you want donuts this is the place to go. I should have known from the giant donut that sits outside the bakery that their specialty was donuts and man were these good. I don't like cakey donuts (krispy kreme get outta my way) but I do like the light airy ones that I get from dunkin. Bay country Bakery donuts were even better than dunkin donuts. The boston creme had a wonderful pillowy softness that was filled with vanilla custard and coated with chocolate ganache. The filling of the jelly donut was quality and had a similar fresh, airy taste that allows you to go on an eat a second donut. The maple almond donut was divine. I loved the crunchy almond topping and the maple icing was lovely. The Bay Country Bakery also serves sandwiches and coffee and loaves of bread can be purchased there as well. Bay Country Bakery is absolutely my go-to place for donuts now and I am sure I will stop by on my next trip out from the shore.
Visit Bay Country Bakery 2951 Ocean Gateway · Cambridge, Maryland 21613 Google Maps Store Hours: Monday -Friday 6am - 5:30 pm Saturday 6 am - 2 pm Closed Sundays

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