Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Place to Eat In Salisbury MD

So when you see the title of this post you are probably thinking ooo Salisbury must have a nice fancy restaurant that is really expensive but good that Jenn thinks everyone should go to because it is the best place to eat in Salisbury-well you would be wrong. I actually think the best restaurant in Salisbury is a pizza place called Specific Gravity Pizza.

The owners of Specific Gravity Pizza wanted to do something a little different than your normal pizza place so they made it so that all the 'tables' are really just 'bars' (think of a very long breakfast bar but several of them set up all over the place) to encourage socializing and a sense of closeness. You could end up sitting next to a complete stranger which could be cool if you want to strike up a conversation and meet someone new but I must admit that of the three times I have been to Specific Gravity Pizza I just ignored my fellow barmates and concentrated on the good food and the company I brought with me.

SCP has quite a few good things going for it. I am not a wing person but man do I love their wings. The first time we went to SPC we got the New Haven wings due to our waitresses recommendation and they just blew us away. The salty sweet wings were fresh and crisp and the garliky spices pleased my palate to no end. I am a condiment girl so I got ALL the sauces that can come with the wings (honey must cilantro, ranch, a chunky blue cheese and bbq). The second and third time I came the place was busier and my New Haven wings were drier but fortunately I got the bbq wings and the asian wings which were just as amazing. They know how to do great bbq and asian sauces at this place and they just slather that sauce on so that every bite of your wing you get that full on saucy flavor burst in your mouth.

What might be the most unique things about SCP is that you can add french fries to your pizza for 0.99 cents. When I say 'add' I mean they pile a ton of these thick fresh handcut thrashers like fries on top of your pizza and this just gives you a perfect opportunity to utilize those tasty condiments you got with your wings earlier. Yumminess does not even begin to describe my french fry pizza enjoyment. The pizzas themselves an be very creative-I am raring to try the General Tso's pizza but last time I opted for the chicken cheese steak pizza and once I got the cheeseburger pizza as well and another time I got the garlic chicken pizza. The chicken comes shredded (I don't like chicken chunks on my pizza so this was pleasing) and when I added pepperoni onto my chicken cheese steak pizza they did not skimp but covered it with those spicy circles that give your pizza just the kick it needs. The sauteed peppers and onions are quality as is the flavorful cheese and luscious crust. The sauce reminds me a little of ledo's sauce but with more oregano and a little less sweetness. There are of course other creative pizzas like the steak and blue cheese or the crab pizza but they will just have to wait for future visits.

They do specialize in beer at this place but I am not a beer drinker and I never seem to have room for the apple pizza dessert which is supposed to be really good. Maybe next time.
Address 105 E. College Ave. Salisbury, MD 21804
Phone (443) 859 - 8412
Hours of Operation
Mon-Weds 11:30AM-12:30AM
Thurs-Sat 11:30AM-1:00AM
Sunday 12:30PM - 12:00AM

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