Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Original House of Pancakes in Rockville Maryland

Sadly enough there really aren't many good places to eat breakfast in the DC area (not even decent diners). I definitely think this is a niche that needs to be filled, especially in the suburban area when people are home for the weekends and want go out with their family and/or friends for brunch.

The Original House of Pancakes (TOHOP NOT IHOP this is different-there is one TOHOP in Bethesda and another in Rockville) has got to be the best place to go for breakfast/brunch in the DC area. Many people are aware of this so you should not be surprised if you walk in any time before 3 (the place closes at 3) on a weekend and find the waiting area packed full of breakfast hopefuls (just bring a book and sit down to wait on one of the many benches).

TOHOP definitely has a typical modern day diner set-up so don't go for the ambiance go for the food. Ah and what food it is. Well what is so great about this place?

1) If you order any kind of pancake or waffle you cannot go wrong.

2) They use fresh delicious fruit. For example even if strawberries are out of season and you order a strawberry something or other you are guaranteed to be presented with some fresh sweet strawberries on top of your waffle/pancake/crepe because that is just how this place rolls. I cannot STAND it when I order a strawberry waffles and I get some kind of strawberry glop that has been drowned/preserved in syrup and is half frozen thus sullying my delicious waffle (yes I am referring to you Plato's diner in College Park and just about every other diner in the area-including IHOP).

 3) The Dutch Baby and Apple Dutch Baby. These are Dutch pancakes that are essentially like giant crepes (and I do mean giant). If you order one everyone else at your table will be wowed and insanely jealous.

 4) Creativity. You can order just about any kind of darn pancake you desire. If you want it TOHOP most likely has it. Sourdough pancakes? Yes. Pecan pancakes? Yes. Chocolate coconut pancakes? Yes. I could go on and on and on.

Anyways, take your friends, take your family, take your neighbors. You are practically guaranteed to get good breakfast food that won't break the bank.

Bacon waffles. Subtle and delicious.

Swedish pancakes. Thin and sweet.

Lemon curd crepes.

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