Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday dinner at Pizzeria de Marco

So my twin sister and her boyfriend live in downtown Bethesda now and just acquired a new puppy (meaning they need to stay close to home to make sure he is okay). Since she is my twin and we share the same birthday we decided to share a birthday dinner close to her new place this year.

I have been wanting to try one of the many new pizza places in Bethesda and I knew Pizzeria de Marco was getting some good reviews so I convinced my family that Pizzeria de Marco was the place to go (this was especially good at they were leaning towards Not Your Average Joe's and Mona Mi Gabi as alternatives-phew).

Pizzeria de Marco has a nice but comfortable atmosphere. I feel like it would be the perfect place to take a first date. As it was my birthday and I wasn't paying we got a few appetizers-the sausage stuffed peppers and the meatballs. When the plates came out I was so...disappointed. There were only three miniature stuffed peppers on the one plate and three miniature meatballs on the other. The dishes looked so small and measly I didn't even deign to take a picture of them. The taste, however, was BIG. The stuff peppers were topped with fried golden brown bread crumbs and the sausage they were stuffed with was spicy-as was the tomato sauce that accompanied them. The meatballs (soaking in a sweet tomato sauce) were the winners for me. I am a picky meatball eater and I like my meatballs tender, juicy and flavorful (just like these were) so I was a happy camper (if only there were more of them). Next time I need to order the trio of fried calzones stuffed with ricotta cheese and meat.

If you don't like pizza I would suggest not going to Pizzeria de Marco as they do not offer any other kind of entree. I believe their pizza's could be split by two people even though the severs suggest one pizza per a person (even Justin couldn't finish his).

The wood fired oven is clearly visible from anywhere in the restaurant so you know the pizza is going to be thin. However, you should also be aware that the pizza is also going to be chewy which I love. I really don't like 'cardboard' pizza (cough cough Matchbox) that is burnt and crispy. Soft, thin and chewy is the way to go (or else thick and luscious like Zeo's) but everyone to their own.

Justin got the Solo Carne (the meatlovers pizza) which has pepperoni (mini slices that are packed with flavor), saucy (delectably spicy) and salami (very strong and prosciutto like). I got the primavera pizza which has roasted tomato's, thinly sliced zuchinni (buttery goodness), mushrooms, and roasted red peppers plus I added some ham (a bit mild, I gotta add the pepperoni/sausage next time) to round it off. My dad got the mushsroom pizza, my mother and sister the Margharita Classico and Aaron the Burrata con Pesto.

All of the pizza's were good-no question about it. The meat and veggies had flavor, the sauces were good, the herbs (basil) were fresh and the pesto magnifique. Oh and lets not forget the heavenly creaminess of the cheese (just thinking about the cheeses they used on our pizza's make me drool).

We rounded off the evening (ahahaha round like PIZZA-I know I know I am sooo corny) with two nuttella calzones. So, maybe we were a bit ambitious with this order but let me tell you these ginormous nuttella calzones smothered and stuffed with sweet chocolate hazelnut fabulousness were devoured by my family members like they were a hungry pack of wolves suffering from a winter of starvation (you would never have thunk they had just stuffed themselves silly with pizza pie).

The restaurant was declared a success and I would move that it is an ideal place to take a big group of friends who enjoy swapping pizza pieces and trying each others selections (just avoid the too small but tasty appetizers in that kind of situation cause it will just add to your bill and there wont be enough to go around and absolutely DO NOT FORGET to order a couple nuttella calzones).

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