Monday, April 4, 2011

Bubbys Deli & Seasons 52

A couple new deli's have opened in the Bethesda area including Bubbys Deli. My mom, Justin and I got to try their carry out food while keeping my own Bubby company. The rueben (a favorite of Justins) actually had some salty thickly sliced corned beef (not thin like Tom Setsiema said in his recent review of the place), some nicely toasted and buttered rye bread and a pleasant slaw with thousand island dressing topping. The Reuben was the best part of the meal though since the two large chicken noodle & matzoh ball soups were pretty flavorless although the matzoh ball did have the soft spongy texture a matzoh ball should have (it is a sad day when you get a rock hard matzoh ball but it does happen on occasion). We also got two brisket sandwiches-big mistake. When i go to a Jewish deli and I read brisket I think big thick slices of tender meat that has been marinating in some kind of delicious gravy and would be heavenly on a bun. Bubbys' brisket sandwich merely consists of thin slices of dry meat on a bun, no gravy no delectable tenderness. Ah well. Next time we'll try another place since I know my own Bubby can make much better food than Bubbys deli in Bethesda.

On another note Seasons 52 is opening April 11th in Rockville (though it is technically called North Bethesda). I really can't wait! I recently went to Orlando FL for some Disney fun and had every intention of going to Seasons 52 there because I had done my research and seen that they had rave reviews on trip advisor and then I got an e-mail from my aunt who lives in FL saying she had gone there for Richards (my cousin) birthday and absolutely loved the place. Needless to say my heart was really set on having a meal at Seasons but alas-we didn't have the time or the means of transportation (curse you Disney and your isolating ways). Anyways my mom was driving by White Flint mall and lo and behold there was a sign for a restaurant right across from the mall saying Seasons 52! You can read all about the place hereis is supposed to be a place focused on low calorie healthful foods but hey I have no problem with that since the food sounds so tasty. I already plan to go there soon with my family to celebrate my dads birthday.

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