Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grilled Cheesy Goodness

I am trying to post more about what I cook and eat at home mostly because that is what I see other food blogs doing and it makes me think that people might actually be interested in what foodies might make for themselves when their not going out to spend their money on delicious food and hopefully good restaurants.

So what do I eat on a weekend when I have had a late breakfast but still am in the mood for a yummy light afternoon lunch? Grilled cheese of course! It is no lie that the best grilled cheese sandwiches are made with white bread. Normally I opt for the whole grain bread to make myself feel better but when it comes to a grilled cheese sandwich you just gotta go all out and use that sinfully delicious white bread that seems to toast oh so well when you slather the sides with butter and stick it on a grilling pan.

I don't make boring grilled cheese sandwiches though. There always has to be something a bit different/interesting about my grilled cheese sandwich-I mean I cant just eat two slices of buttered bread with cheese in the middle-it doesn't happen like that. It just doesn't. I find the best standby addition for my grilled cheese sandwich is a nice thick slab of tomato which just does so much to amplify not only the flavor but also the texture of the sandwich. Plus-I am a condiment fiend and have experimented extensively with my grilled cheese condiment options (bbq sauce, hummus, tzaziki sauce you name it I have probably grilled cheesed it)so today I decided to try my new goat cheese and turnip green *pesto spread (very garliky-basically pureed turnip greens, garlic loves, a little bit of olive oil and goat cheese). Hallelujah! I think this spread has earned a new place in heaven due to its wonderful marriage with my grilled cheese sandwich. Sure, I was going to save it for the **matzoh bar we are supposed to have at game night on Friday but at this rate it might be gone by then.

I did wan't to go a little further than this with my sandwich though-it was still in need of something. Something extra.

I have been seeing people put fried eggs (sunny side up) on just about everything lately-burgers,salads, steak so I decided to put one on top of my grilled cheese sandwich. Brilliant!

What shall I call this creation you ask? I am not so sure. Green eggs and cheese? Meh, gotta work on it. All I gotta say is you should try it.

*Note-I made the pesto spread for stuffing pork loin with-it turned out pretty well but next time I have to refrigerate the pesto so it can harden before I try to stuff the pork and maybe pound the pork somewhat thinner next time too. I used turnip greens because I have been trying to use foods that I don't normally cook with/never have experienced except at a restaurant. I was looking over Restaurant Eve's menu and it seems like that's what most of their items are-things that people don't tend to cook with because they are too scared of them but are generally inexpensive and easy to make use of (though they don't now this-they are just generally unfamiliar with these ingredients). This is probably a really smart move on their part because it seems like diners that go to expensive places like Restaurant Eve are wanting to try something new that they would never make themselves.

**Note-what is a matzoh bar you ask? Why its my own invention of having a table with matzoh and every delicious spread/condiment imaginable (didn't I mention a love of condiments above??) for example nuttella, peanut butter, cream cheese, flavored goat cheese, hummus, jam, butter, honey, etc. the possibilities are endless. When I had my passover seder last year the matzoh bar was a hit and I am afraid that most of my guests had filled up on this appetizer before dinner was served.

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