Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello Cupcake Review

So there was an awesome deal for Hello Cupcake on LivingSocial (spend $18 get a $36 certificate) so Justin was nice enough to get it for me <3 and also go to DC and the cupcakes themselves. The bag and box the cupcakes came in were really cute. I thought they looked nicely decorated but not stunning or anything. Now I have reviewed a lot of cupcake places on this blog and I regret to say that Hello Cupcake is just not a top competitor. The yellow cake cupcakes (vanilla) were dry, had a very strange texture and just were mediocre at best. The chocolate cake cupcakes were even worse. These cupcakes were tasteless-pretty much no chocolaty flavor and a waste of hard-earned calories. Justin loved the icing on all the cupcakes though and I thought the icing was pretty good too.

The best Hello cupcake, by far, was the banana cupcake topped with a thick chocolate buttercream icing (called the chocolate chimp). They had obviously used real banana to make the cake part (always the way to go) and it went fabulously with the thick rich chocolate icing. In a close second was the peanut butter banana cupcake (peanut butter icing, banana cake bottom-called the velvet Elvis), and in third place was their carrot cake cupcake with creamcheese frosting. I did really like the strawberry icing topped lemon cupcake but the texture of the cake part once again didn't wow me-I was impressed by how strawberry the strawberry icing was. Bet you they used strawberry jello in the mix for flavoring.

Unfortunately there were no fillings in any of these cupcakes which would have def elevated them a notch or two. All in all I would go back for their banana cupcakes but leave the rest for other unsuspecting customers.

Hello Cupcake


Dupont Circle

Capitol Hill

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