Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OC Kabob in Salisbury : A hidden gem

I absolutely love Greek food. I even worked as a waitress at a Greek restaurant (Vasilis Mediterranean Grill in Gaithersburg) which served excellent Greek fare. I have been to Greece and eaten some fabulous gyro's, moussaka, pastichio, and more in my time so I like to think I have a good idea of what good Greek food is.

Sometimes I get this really strong craving for tzatziki sauce. I just love that wonderful condiment. I have made tubs of tzatziki myself at home so I can pile it on sandwiches and dip vegetables in its creamy goodness. So it wasn't unusual for me to start craving some tzatziki sauce after I saw OC Kabob on 13 in Salisbury. I didn't want to go to this new Greek place alone so when Justin came to visit a trip to this new Greek find was required.

The outside of OC Kabob is a little off putting I must admit-it looks suspiciously like a bar and not a place to grab a good pita wrap. Once I walked inside OCK my suspicions were somewhat allayed. There are small personal touches that make the place feel homey and comfortable. The mediterranean lamps and bright framed cloth patterns made you get the feeling that this was a family owned place that tried to produce good greek food.

I was more than surprised and pleased when our personable waitress came by our table and set down a complimentary basket of fried pita along with a wooden bowl that was filled with chickpeas, onions and spices ready for mashing (wooden pestle provided) and dipping. I really enjoyed with appetizers-so much so that I was almost full by the time we received our entrees.

I of course got the gyro (lamb and beef meat filling, lettuce, tomato, tzatziki sauce served on a warm pita) which came with a side of nicely done fries. The gyro was overflowing with meat and I could barely finish half of it-even with Justin's help. Justin ordered the kafta kabob. This was basically ground beef mixed fresh herbs and subtle spices served with a chicken broth flavored couscous, grilled vegetables, a fresh side salad and some warm pita slices. We both really liked the meal. The tzatziki was nice and light-I think they used sour cream instead of Greek yogurt. I especially liked their pita bread which was very fresh and just the right texture.

A very interesting twist to the night was the appearance of a belly dancer who belly danced her way around the tables to some upbeat Mediterranean music.

Unfortunately OC Kabob is only open for dinner but I definitely will take other friends who come to visit me in Salisbury though I must say that Vasilis will always be number one in my Greek food eating heart er stomach.

OC Kabob
327 E Main St. Salisbury, MD 21801     ph#  410-749-1969

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